Welcome to Hotel Maris
Hotel Maris, an integral part of the Chennai landscape since 1975, is well known among the citizens of the city.
Contrary to common belief that it might have been named after the famous and old educational institution Stella Maris College (which is incidentally in the vicinity), the Hotel took its name after their family patriarch Mariapillai, a resident of Tiruchirapalli and the founder of the Maris Group of Companies.
Warm Service
Situated on Cathedral road and ideally located in the heart of the city, Maris makes you experience the unrivalled combination of warm South Indian hospitality and efficient service, making you feel right at home.
Perfect Place to Enjoy
Known especially for its personalized service, Hotel Maris is an exclusive urban haven for business travelers. Combining the old-world charm with modernity, the service is warm and friendly, the facilities are world-class, the guestrooms are neat and spacious and the simple yet delectable cuisine is highly recommended.
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